Katy,Bonnie & Solo - 3 generations of Golden Breed Girls


Our Girls

We have been very fortunate to have shared the lives of many great female Shepherds, most of which were our own bloodline, but others were bred by others and loved by Robert & I. Our Girly was my heart and soul and the daughter of our Foundation dog, Spike. His genetics imprinted very strongly in our Girly and she, in turn, passed along the soundness of temperament, structure, intelligence, loyalty and instinctive protective nature to all of her pups. Her daughter, our Katy Girl, and grandaughter Bonnie were both members of the 13 Club of the GSDC of America. Her daughter Amber returned home after the tragic loss of her owner, Corky and has given us two fabulous litters with our Champion Z-Man!

All of our Girls (and Boys) are OFA certified, with Amber being our 5th from the generation from our Foundation bloodline to receive her certification.

We must pay tribute to our first girl Ginger, who taught us many lessons in breeding and was loved by all. Our first little Amber Girl was a rescue that I did with a German import litter. She was such a sweet loving little girl and is special in our hearts.

Then there is the Hanna Banana! My GV Quik daughter that I flew to Minnesota to bring home. Banana was Sugie's mom and the biggest, bossiest, baddest (only to other dogs!) bitch that ever walked.  She was our new beginning and our Hope. She gave us 3 great litters and some very special dogs including our Sugie, Cheyenne, Sadie, Bull, Chief, Feather, Comet, Tucker, Kaya & others. She LOVED the water, her favorite pastime was swimming. I see her in Sugie and Z, who are always in the pool! She was our second foundation, and we are grateful to Julie & Tiffany Mostosky for entrusting her to us!

Hanna & Her Yuma Litter - CH Cheyenne far left!